KRESS Milling Motor

Kress FME 1050-1

Kress FME 1050-1Standard Kress Milling motor. It has more power than the FME 800-Q, but lower rpm range. Like the FME 800-Q, it has a quick lock connector.
Kress FME 1050-1 5000-25000 RPM (220VAC)
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Kress FME 800-Q

Kress FME 800-QStandard Kress Milling motor. It has a higher speed range than the FME 1050-1: between 10.000rpm and 29.000rpm, but less power. Compared to the FME 800, it has a removable quick-action lock cable.
Kress FME 800-Q (220VAC)
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Kress FME 800

Kress FME 800Basic Kress Milling motor, available in 220V and 110V version.
Kress FME 800 (220VAC)
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Kress FME 800 110V USA version w/ 1/4" collet
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Kress FME 1050

Kress FME 1050Standard Kress Milling motor. It has more power than the FME 800 and higher max speed than the FME 1050-1. No longer available.

Kress Collet + Clamping Nut (530FM, 800FME, 1050(1)FME)

Kress Collet + Clamping Nut (530FM, 800FME, 1050(1)FME)Original Kress collets in several sizes. Included with the collet is a collet nut. Designated for 530 FM, 800FME, 1050FME and 1050-1 FME.
1.00 mm
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2.00 mm
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3/32 Inch (2.38mm)
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3.00 mm
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1/8inch (3.175mm)
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4.00 mm
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5.00 mm
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6.00 mm
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1/4 inch (6.35mm)
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8.00 mm
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10.00 mm
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Kress-Mounting Block

Kress-Mounting BlockThis block can be used to mount the kress motor to a Z axis or other fixture. The block is constructed from 20mm thick aluminium which makes it a sturdy attachment.
Kress Mounting Block V2.0
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Floating Head for engraving

Floating Head for engravingFor fine engraving work often a floating head is used. The reason you need a floating head/depth controller is simple. When making for example a line thickness of 0.2mm with a V engraving bit, the width of the line will change if the table or material is not exactly flat. Since no table of a CNC machine is flat over the entire surface within a hundreds of a mm...
Floating Head for engraving
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Colinbus KRESS + Vacuum fixture

Colinbus KRESS + Vacuum fixtureA mounting plate for the KRESS milling motor. Most often sold in combination with a vertical mount for the Profiler or Profiler Pro. But it could/can be used on other CNC machines as well. It als has an adapter for mounting a vacuum hose.
Colinbus Kress + Vacuum fixture
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Adapter Kress_RS1400 to Profiler Vacuumfixture
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Colinbus Profiler improved vertical mount

Colinbus Profiler improved vertical mountThe colinbus profiler is a small DIY build cnc router. The standard included milling motor is the weak link in the design. However replacing it by a much better kress motor cannot be done directly without changing some parts on the machine. The parts offered in this section of the site will make the kress directly compatible with the machine...

KRESS Wrench 17mm

KRESS Wrench 17mmFrom factory the KRESS milling motors do not come with a wrench to tighthen the locking nut. We have made this very simple tool ourselves, since many clienst are requesting it. The Wrench is 3mm thin, and will fit perfectly unlike normal wrenches which are thick, and can get caught between tooling and the clamping nut.
KRESS Wrench 17mm
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KRESS Mains cable with patented quick-action lock

KRESS Mains cable with patented quick-action lockKRESS Mains cable with patented quick-action lock. This cable is used on the KRESS 1050 and 1050-1 milling motor. But is also suitable for over 30 other KRESS tools that use this same system.
Kress 4m Mains Cable Patented Quick Action Lock
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Kress 6m Mains Cable Patented Quick Action Lock
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Kress Spare Clamping Nut

Kress Spare Clamping NutExtra clamping nut. To save time with tool changes some people have clamping nut for each clamp.
Kress Clamping Nut
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Kress Spare Brushes

Kress Spare Brushes A set of spare brushes for when the ones one your milling motor have worn out. The kress brushes have an automatic shut off function to prevent damage to the motor when brushes are worn.
Brush Pair (left and right) 800 /1050FME(1)
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Brush Holder 800/1050FME(1)
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Brush for FM6990E (you need 2 per motor)
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Kress Spare MagneticRing FME800/1050/1050-1

Kress Spare MagneticRing FME800/1050/1050-1The KRESS motors are very reliable, and when they do fail the fixes are cheap. If your kress motor is running erratically. Replacing the magnetic ring could be the solution
Kress Spare Magnetic Ring FME800/ 1050/ 1050-1
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Kress Spare MainShaft

Kress Spare MainShaftA spare mainshaft for the kress 530/800/1050. But thats not what we use it for :). It is most often sold as a toolholder, for machines that have ER25 or larger collets. Since the tools is fixed in the holder, when doing a toolchange one can use the value stored in the Tool table of the machinesoftware (USBCNC) for the length offset...
Single Piece
19.99 (ex. vat)
Ball Bearing 6002(SKF)
5.99 (ex. vat)

Kress Spare Electronics

Kress Spare ElectronicsThis is an item that rarely is broken on the Kress. But it can happen, so we offer it here. Keep in mind if your Milling Motor stops working, most likely it is just the brushes that are worn.
800 FME (35740)
39.99 (ex. vat)
1050(1) FME (35741)
39.99 (ex. vat)
1052 WSE (45488)
79.99 (ex. vat)
FS 6901E (26925)
79.99 (ex. vat)

DCNC Toolholder

DCNC ToolholderThe DCNC toolholder is similar to the kress clamps but has some improvements. After working with the kress clamps in our cnc machines we were annoyed that the toolchanges took a lot of time. This problem was first solved by adding a retaining nut for each clamp. But this meant a price of about 30EUR per tool. Further there was no way to fixate the tool length...
DCNC Toolholder 5mm
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