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EPS and Foams CNC Milling Cutter Round Tip 3.83 inch 98mm

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Shapers CNC Profile Cutter Round Tip - Robust, highly effective Profile Cutter, suited for those machines that can take a 19mm shank. 51mm (2") Diam x 60mm (2.36") Length HEAD 19mm (.75") Diam x 37.5mm (1.47") SHANK Designed specifically to machine EPS and PU foam with a coarser toothed grit and sparser coating on tips to help keep foam cooler whilst routing. Shapers CNC Cutters use Shapers unique patented coasting Tungsten Carbide “Super-Grit®”. This technology allows for a more superior and efficient manufacturing procedure: reducing labour time, noise and cleaner finish. The Tungsten Carbide “Super-Grit®” technology allows the machine to cross-cut stringers without splintering, allows the machine to sand rather the chopping the foam and leaves a smoother finish then traditional cutters. Therefore, reducing manufacture time and labour making the CNC Cutter and effective and efficient tool. As all of Shapers 's cutters are "balanced" to ensure perfect weighting for and the highest level of efficiency possible!

Component eigenschappen:

  • Coated in Tungsten Carbide “Super-Grit®” technology.
  • Cutting Tool which is very often used in CNC surfboard cutting, can also be used in hardfoams like EPS
  • Total length 3.83" (98mm)
  • CUTTER HEAD DIMENSIONS: 2" (51mm) Diameter X 2.36" (60mm) Length. RADIUS:
  • SHAFT/SHANK Dimensions: 19mm (.75") Diam x 37.5mm (1.47")
  • Tip: Round