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10x16x1mm DIN988 Shim ring

Article number 2855
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DIN988 Shim rings are designed to prevent machine components from moving axially. The preferred application of these rings is to compensate for the play of such components where secured by circlips as specified in DIN471 and DIN472, DIN 983 and DIN 984 or lock washers as specified in DIN 6799. Shim rings may only be used where the contact faces are smooth. They shall not suffer any deformation when used with components that have rounded edges (shaft collars, stepped holes).

Supporting rings are intended for use with circlips or lock washers to ensure that do not deform when subjected to excessive axial forces as may be expected where the edges of machine components are rounded or chamfered.

Supporting rings may be used in combination with shim rings. A support ring is designated as DIN988-S

Component features:

  • Internal diameter d1: 10mm
  • External diameter d2: 16mm
  • Thickness h: 1.0mm
  • Material: Steel St 2 K 50 (DIN 1624)
  • DIN 988
  • Internal diameter d1min: 10.04mm
  • Internal diameter d1max: 10.19mm
  • External diameter d1min: 15.77mm
  • External diameter d1max: 15.95mm
  • Thickness h min: 0.95mm
  • Thickness h max: 1.00mm


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2855-1_10x16x1mm_DIN988_Shimring_STEP214.stp 2855-1 10x16x1mm DIN988 Shimring STEP214
2855-2_10x16x1mm_DIN988_Shimring_STEP242.stp 2855-2 10x16x1mm DIN988 Shimring STEP242
2855-3_10x16x1mm_DIN988_Shim_ring_2D_Dimensions.pdf 2855-3 10x16x1mm DIN988 Shim ring 2D Dimensions

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General conditions
Quantity 100 - > 50,00 % on the retail price of 0,20 0,10