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11x1.5 O-ring (insideØ x cordØ),NBR,70 Shore,Black

Article number 5289
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11mm inner diameter x 1.5mm cord thickness O-rings made in NBR, with 70 shore hardness.

Component features:

  • Inner diameter: 11mm
  • Cord thickness: 1.5mm
  • Material: NBR
  • Hardness: 70 shore
  • Colour black
  • In accordance with Standard: DIN ISO 3601-1 class B (former DIN 3771-1)
  • Inner diameter tolerances according to DIN ISO 3601-1: ?d1 = ± [( d10.95 x 0.009) + 0.1

Special features of O-rings:

  • O-rings have a high operational reliability and are suitable for small installation spaces.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Costs are low
  • O-rings have a high availability.

Generic information on O-rings:
O-rings are circular seals with a round cross section. The number of available sizes of the O-rings is so large that almost any application can be realized. O-rings are standardized in DIN ISO 3601 (formerly DIN 3771). The simple shape and reliability of the sealing function of O-rings is genius. The O-ring is therefore the most commonly used seal. Economical manufacturing and uncomplicated assembly make the O-rings unsurpassed. The description of the O-rings consists of the dimensions of the inner diameter and the cord thickness in mm. with the material designation and its hardness.

Applications for O-rings:
O-ring seals are used in many industrial sectors. There are static (no movement between the parts to be sealed) and dynamic (parts move relative to each other) applications. The majority of O-rings are used to seal static or slow moving parts.


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5289-1_11x1.5_O-ring_(insideØ_x_cordØ),NBR,70_Shore,Black_STEP214.stp 5289-1 11x1.5 O-ring (insideØ x cordØ),NBR,70 Shore,Black STEP214
5289-2_11x1.5_O-ring_(insideØ_x_cordØ),NBR,70_Shore,Black_STEP242.stp 5289-2 11x1.5 O-ring (insideØ x cordØ),NBR,70 Shore,Black STEP242
5289-3_11x1.5_O-ring_(insideØ_x_cordØ),NBR,70_Shore,Black_2D_Dimensions.pdf 5289-3 11x1.5 O-ring (insideØ x cordØ),NBR,70 Shore,Black 2D Dimensions