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2.2kW Blower Vacuumpump 182m3h 280mbar

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We advise to use a side channel pump in combination with a vacuum table, when there is a lot of leakage. For example when milling porous materials like MDF. Or when milling through the material. It is always very important to look at the Pressure VS Flow curves when comparing to other pumps. We use a Dual Rotor pump which has less flow, but more under pressure. For a vacuum table the combination of under pressure and flow is important, since there is often leakage. This pump is a good choice when milling porous materials with a lot of leakage, and also for large surface areas. When needing to clamp small parts (smaller than 100x100mm) we advise to use a Rotary Vane Vacuum pump, it has much less flow but higher under pressure. Another tip. If possible always use a VFD in combination with the pump. You need a soft starter anyway. And the VFD does 2 things, 1 it works as a soft starter, to prevent your fuses blowing. 2 it increase the performance of the pump dramatically. Going from 50 to 60hertz you can see in the curve at the same under pressure the flow is factor 4 times higher.

Component features:
  • Double Rotor model which has high vacuum
  • Max flow 182 m³/h (50Hz)
  • Max Vacuum 280mbar (50Hz)
  • Max Pressure 350mbar (50Hz)
  • Power 2,2kW
  • Connection 1.5 G
  • Noise Level 66dB(A) at 50Hz (2900RPM)
  • Noise Level 69dB(A) at 60Hz (3500RPM)
  • 230V/400V 7.8/4.5Amps
  • Weight 28kg
  • lightweight due to use of aluminium
  • compact size for building into machines
  • corrosion-proof aluminium
  • contact free operation eliminating wear
  • oil-free so no maintenance
  • feature noise-dampers as standard, for low noise levels
  • universal gas pipe connection at inlet and outlet
  • vibration-free and pulsation-free operation
  • versatile use for pressure and vacuum