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2.9Nm Brake for Stepper or Servo Motor

Article number 778
In Stock In Stock
83,99 Excluding VAT Price per piece

This is a brake that can be mounted to a Stepper or Servo motor which has a dual shaft, which is typically used to brake gravity affected (Z) axis from moving downwards when not in use. The mounting flange can be interchanged to fit different motors. When no power is applied the brake is locked. When 12V-24VDC is provided to the brake the brake disk can rotate freely.

Component features:

  • 2.9 Nm Brake torque (measured)
  • Failsafe operation (Brake engages during a power failure, or Emergency Stop)
  • WARNING: Is not intended to be used ad an active brake, intended use is to ensure that a system remains in position in the event of a power failure, or ESTOP.
  • WARNING: This brake can get hot(80 degrees celsisu) because the coil is constantly ON, to release the brake. We have solutions for this, please contact us if you need this.


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778_3,9NM_Brake_+_NEMA23_MountingPlate_+_6.35mmHUB&brakeMOD_AP203.stp 778 3,9NM Brake + NEMA23 MountingPlate + 6.35mmHUB&brakeMOD AP203
778_3,9NM_Brake_+_NEMA34_MountingPlate_+_HUB&brakeMOD_AP203.stp 778 3,9NM Brake + NEMA34 MountingPlate + HUB&brakeMOD AP203