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3D-Sensor New Generation + integrated taper HSK-A40 (80.363.A40NG)

Article number 4894
Limited stock Limited stock
EAN-number 4034221095633
387,00 Excluding VAT Price per piece
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Professional edge finder with analog display for fast and precise locating of edges and surfaces in X, Y, and Z. This german made precision part, has some clever features which will make your measurements easier. For example the dial has the tradional read out showing the 0,01 marks of how far the probe tip has been displaced. When you are using it in a CNC you would then normally have to compensate for the diameter of the probe tip in the CNC controller when setting a Zeropoint. But this 3D sensor has an extra reading/print on the dial, where the probe tip diameter can be compensated. Basicly it means you can jog the machine an additional 2mm so that the center of the tool is exactly in line with the edge of the product. Now you can set the CNC controller to zero, without haveing to compensate for the probe tip diameter. This saves time, and prevents mistake from happening. Its very easy to enter -2 in the CNC controller, where it should be +2.

Component features:

  • Centre borings and shafts
  • Utmost precision of 0.01 mm
  • Exact positioning of the spindle axis on the edges of the workpiece
  • Smallest unit of measure of 0,01 mm / 0.0004"
  • Replaceable probes for maximum flexibility
  • IP 67 waterproof
  • Compact and easy to grip casing, no restriction to working area
  • Precise display of spindle position with large 1/100 mm dial gauge (2 hands)
  • Marked overrun distance (safety distance)
  • Functions:
  • Aligning machine spindles to work piece edges and reference edges (X-, Y-, Z-axis)
  • Set zeros
  • Measuring lengths and depths
  • Checking straightness and levelness of surfaces
  • Aligning work pieces and vices
  • Quick, without calculations, no mistakes with algebraic signs
  • Please take note: The given measuring precision of 0.01 mm only applies if the original HAIMER probe tips are used.
  • Included in delivery: 3D-Sensor New Generation with integrated short taper HSK-A40, short probe tip Ø 4 mm


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4894-1_3D-Sensor_New_Generation_+_integrated_taper_HSK-A40_(80.363.A40NG)_STEP214.stp 4894-1 3D-Sensor New Generation + integrated taper HSK-A40 (80.363.A40NG) STEP214
4894-2_3D-Sensor_New_Generation_+_integrated_taper_HSK-A40_(80.363.A40NG)_STEP242.stp 4894-2 3D-Sensor New Generation + integrated taper HSK-A40 (80.363.A40NG) STEP242
4894-3_3D-Sensor_New_Generation_+_integrated_taper_HSK-A40_(80.363.A40NG)_2D_Dimensions.pdf 4894-3 3D-Sensor New Generation + integrated taper HSK-A40 (80.363.A40NG) 2D Dimensions
4894-4_Haimer_3D-Taster_New_Generation.pdf 4894-4 Haimer 3D-Taster New Generation