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4KW Conveyor Belt Trailer ControllerBox (2018 model)

Article number 4472
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1.430,00 Excluding VAT
Component features Leadtime 3-4 weeks Designed/Produced/Tested bij DamenCNC Transparent Cover allowing display of VFD and phase sequence to be seen Sticker with clear instructions on cover Phase Presence/Sequence indication via 3 LEDS VFD Controlled output 4kW (on request other Power available) In case the factory has already a VFD, via a rotary switch it can be switched off (Switch to the left) Housing IP67 Via +/- button the speed of the belt can be varied up or downwards Speed always reset to nominal after power down (To prevent thermal over load when set to high, or zero speed when set too low) Direction can be reversed with reverse button Reserve button made in such a manner it cannot be left in reverse (The operator must keep on holding this button, when they release it move fwd again) Special type of CableGland/Valves used to prevent condensation forming inside the housing In case the phases at factory are reversed, VFD inverts them automaticly In case phases are inverted and VFD is being bypassed, phases can be inverted with switch on cover Intended as a lightweight replacement for a Belt Variator RED LED to indicate Emergency Stop is activated