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4th axis with 100mm chuck

Article number 2480
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1.279,99 Excluding VAT Price per piece
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A high quality German made 4th axis. All parts are CNC machined from aluminum. A worm-gear is used for the reduction. It has a clever shim system to reduce/remove backlash. In most 4th axis, it is not adjustable, which can be a problem over time, when the gears wear. In this system the shim adjustment allows it to be made backlash free also in the future. It comes with a 2 Nm stepper-motor. And also the 100mm three jaw chuck is included. All you need is the electronics to run it. In our own CNC controllers the stepper-driver for the 4th axis is already included. But it depends on the system you have if its already there or not, so to be sure check with your supplier.

Component features:

  • 100mm Diameter 3 jaw chuck included
  • Baseplate compatible with Haase AL series included
  • Steppermotor included
  • Stepperdrive not included
  • Worm gear reduction, with very low backlash
  • Backlash adjustable
  • 1:25 gear ratio