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80x20mm, Aluminium Bar Stock, EN AW-6082-T6

Article number 712
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99,99 Excluding VAT Price per meter

Raw basic material which we use here to make our own products. This aluminum alloy: EN AW-6082 T6 is known for being easy to machine, which is why we often use it as a base material. It is also somewhat stronger than 6060, which is also a common alloy for many aluminum products.

Component features:

  • Cross section 80x20mm
  • Alloy: EN AW-6082 T6
  • Good machinability
  • Good weldabilty
  • Strong alloy
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Moderate to good anodisable
  • Bad formability (bending,punching etc.)

Alloy EN AW 6082 T6 properties:

  • Modulus of elasticity gPa (kN / mm2): 70
  • Tensile strength (Rm) MPa: 310
  • Elongation limit (Rp0.2) MPa: 260
  • Hardness Brinell HBS: 95
  • Thermal conductivity: 172 Watt / Meter * Kelvin
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 23.1 µm / (meter * Kelvin)


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712-1_80x20mm,_Aluminium_Stock,_EN_AW-6082-T6_L=1000mm__STEP214.stp 712-1 80x20mm, Aluminium Stock, EN AW-6082-T6 L=1000mm STEP214
712-2_80x20mm,_Aluminium_Stock,_EN_AW-6082-T6_L=1000mm__STEP242.stp 712-2 80x20mm, Aluminium Stock, EN AW-6082-T6 L=1000mm STEP242
712-3_80x20mm,_Aluminium_Stock,_EN_AW-6082-T6.pdf 712-3 80x20mm, Aluminium Stock, EN AW-6082-T6