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C31/40-DB Spare Hybrid Ceramic Front Bearings 7005 (set of 2)

Article number 5644
Limited stock Limited stock
130,00 Excluding VAT Price per set
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Spare set of front bearings that are in TeknoMotor C31/40-DB milling motors. This is a product we don't like to sell. Most customers simply do not have the experience or equipment to do this job well. When in doubt, send the milling motor for repair rather than trying it yourself. Only a very limited number of customers do this work themselves. Also keep in mind that if you try this job and fail, neither DamenCNC nor the TeknoMotor factory will repair the motor. It is very easy to damage the motors if you don't know what you are doing, or if you don't have the right tools for the job. With smaller milling-motors such as the C31/40, the alternative of buying a new one is often not much more expensive. It is very rare for us to repair such a motor. The bigger and more expensive the milling motors get, the more intresting a repair is.

Component features:

  • NOTE: Only suitable for TeknoMotor C31/40, with DB designation (double bearing)
  • NOTE: NOT Suitable for TeknoMotor C31/40, with SB designation (single bearing) (you will then need our article 2020)
  • WARNING: Replacing bearings is highly specialized work. If you are not a specialist and do not have the right tooling do not attempt this job. DamenCNC & TeknoMotor, do not repair milling motors that have been previously tinkered with by third parties.