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C41/47-D-DB-1.8kW + VFD for Router Kit

Article number 4281
1.390,00 Excluded VAT Price per set
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For our DCNC Router Kit we have 3 sets Teknomotor + Delta VFD available: basic, standard and QTC. Here we offer the standard set. Power of the milling motor is increased to 1,8kW and can handle both radial and axial forces due to ceramic double bearings. This set comes with collets and spanners for manual tool change.

Component features:
  • Standard milling motor set for DCNC Router Kit
  • Teknomotor ElectroSpindel C41/47-D-DB-P-ER25-1.8KW-12.000-24.000RPM
  • Delta Variabel Frequency Drive VFD022E21A + brake resistor
  • Set of collets High Precision ER25 3-16mm and 1/8" (15 pieces)
  • Teknomotor mounting plate with nuts and bolts
  • Teknomotor clamping nut and wrenches
  • Delta Drive tuned and wired for Teknomotor and DCNC controller