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DCNC BeltDrive 9mm R=840mm DIY

Article number 526
555,00 Excluding VAT Price per set
These linear slide belt drive modules are a very economic way to make a CNC system. One does need to take into account that its intended for low load systems such as scanning or plasma cutting equipment.

Component features:
  • Available in a DIY version or assembled and tested RTR
  • Max 1 week delivery time
  • Very fast positioning
  • Only for light loads: scanning, plasma cutting, hot wire cutting etc
  • Easy to couple 3 modules into a XY table
  • Range = 590mm net
  • Alu profile length = 1000mm
  • Includes NEMA23-2.0Nm (IP54) steppermotor
  • Including IFM M12 Inductive Sensor


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526-1_DCNC_BeltDrive_9mm_R=840mm_DIY_STEP214.stp 526-1 DCNC BeltDrive 9mm R=840mm DIY STEP214
526_DCNC_BeltDrive_Module_Manual_2012-03-02.pdf 526 DCNC BeltDrive Module Manual 2012-03-02