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DCNC Router Frame-axis R&P R=1700mm DIY

Article number 4237
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1.970,00 Excluding VAT Price per set
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For the Frame-axis we use the 80x80L alu profile. When used in our DCNC-Router Kit, you will need 2 of these to support the Bridge-Axis on both sides. Each Frame-axis is equipped with the Rack&Pinion Anti-Backlash Drive and homing sensor, to be able to align the bridge any time. It is using the best components, HIWIN guides, Gambini Q6 racks, ISEL ballscrews and IFM sensors. The custom parts are CNC milled. The modules are available in KIT version, but can be assembled on request.

Component features:
  • Frame-axis for our DCNC Router Kit
  • Can also be used as separate module in other application
  • Module is DCNC Designed/Built/Tested
  • Available in a KIT version (assembly on request)
  • Range = 1720mm max
  • Alu profile length = 2000mm
  • HIWIN guideways HG25R with 2 carriages
  • Gambini Q6 Rack&Pinion with Anti-Backlash Drive
  • Wormgearbox reduction 1:10 (1:5 optional for light loads)
  • IFM inductive proximity switch (PNP)
  • CNC milled aluminum parts
  • NEMA34 motor mount, shaft diameter 14mm (other sizes on request)
  • NEMA34 stepper motor not included!


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4237-1_DCNC_Router_Frame-axis_R&P_R=1700mm_Right-side_DIY_STEP214.stp 4237-1 DCNC Router Frame-axis R&P R=1700mm Right-side DIY STEP214
4237-2_DCNC_Router_Frame-axis_R&P_R=1700mm_Right-side_DIY_STEP242.stp 4237-2 DCNC Router Frame-axis R&P R=1700mm Right-side DIY STEP242
4237-3_DCNC_Router_Frame-axis_R&P_R=1700mm_Left-side_DIY_STEP214.stp 4237-3 DCNC Router Frame-axis R&P R=1700mm Left-side DIY STEP214
4237-4_DCNC_Router_Frame-axis_R&P_R=1700mm_Left-side_DIY_STEP242.stp 4237-4 DCNC Router Frame-axis R&P R=1700mm Left-side DIY STEP242
4237-5_DCNC_Router_Frame-axis_R&P_R=1700mm_DIY_-_Front_view_2D_Dimensions.pdf 4237-5 DCNC Router Frame-axis R&P R=1700mm DIY - Front view 2D Dimensions
4237-6_DCNC_Router_Frame-axis_R&P_R=1700mm_DIY_-_Stroke_length_2D_Dimensions.pdf 4237-6 DCNC Router Frame-axis R&P R=1700mm DIY - Stroke length 2D Dimensions