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DCNC-RTR-Performance VFD SIL3 for Router Kit Ballscrew

Article number 5064
4.750,00 Excluding VAT Price per set
Standard CNC-controller for our DCNC Router Kit Ballscrew. It can control the 4 open loop stepper motors, the main milling motor and has extended I/O options for connecting and controlling peripherals. The frequency controller for the main milling motor is integrated in the controller housing, eliminating the need for an additional housing. The E-stop safey system is SIL3 certified according to IEC 61508.

Component features:
  • DCNC RTR Performance VFD SIL3 CNC-controller
  • 2x DCNC-NEMA34-4.0NM (IP54) stepper motors
  • 1x DCNC-NEMA23-2.5NM stepper motor
  • 1x DCNC-NEMA34-4.5NM (Double Shaft) stepper motor + brake
  • Start / Stop / E-stop station (SIL3 certified)
  • DCNC Toolsetter
  • MPG Handwheel