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E89061 LED-Tower - Wall bracket - for IFM signal lamp

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EAN-number 4021179310277
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Accessory for IFM signal lamps. This mounting base can be used to mount signal lamps. For example, to have it stick out a little higher above a machine or control. To work with this mounting base, one always uses a mounting tube, which can be the E89065 (100mm), but also the 300mm long version ersion E89066. In addition, a tube adapter is always required for the signal lamp the E89080. This wall bracket is suitable for mounting on the side of a control box, or just on the side of a machine, or on a wall etx.

Component features:

  • Total height: 96,5mm
  • Total width: 62mm
  • Total depth: 72mm
  • Pitch between mounting holes: 46mm & 80mm, 6mm hole
  • Inner diameter: 21.7mm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Coating: Black
  • IFM part number: E89061


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6440-1_E89061_LED-Tower_-_Wall_bracket_-_for_IFM_signal_lamp_STEP214.stp 6440-1 E89061 LED-Tower - Wall bracket - for IFM signal lamp STEP214
6440-2_E89061_LED-Tower_-_Wall_bracket_-_for_IFM_signal_lamp_STEP242.stp 6440-2 E89061 LED-Tower - Wall bracket - for IFM signal lamp STEP242
6440-3_E89061_LED-Tower_-_Wall_bracket_-_for_IFM_signal_lamp.pdf 6440-3 E89061 LED-Tower - Wall bracket - for IFM signal lamp