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30 5 2016
DamenCNC B.V.
ECOCAM Tangential Cutting Module TCM-4

ECOCAM TCM-4 to replace TCM-3

ECOCAM is introducing a new tangential cutting module: the TCM-4. The most important improvement refers to the new compound axis that combines a hollow steel axis with an aluminum inlay for fixation of the blade. The new axis for the TCM-4 has nearly the same weight like the old one but it's more robust. Furthermore the new axis is guided by precise ball bearings. Axial, radial and torsional stiffness as well as wear resistance are optimized. The outside dimensions and the fixing points have not been changed, the integrated new electronic system is compatible with the previous one and all accessories and creasing wheels are compatible with the new system. For more product details, please check our product page (link below). The TCM-4 will be available from stock in June 2016