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FLEXIBLE Shielded Sensor Cable 5x0.25mm²

Article number 1675
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3,00 Excluding VAT Price per meter

This Cable is used in high end machines. It is designed to be used in drag chain and mobile machine components. Not only CNC but also other industrial motion systems, dry damp and wet environments are ok. It is designed to resist high bending loads and up to mean mechanical strain. Only downside to the cabels, is the price, and the toughnes of the material, it is difficult to handle with normal DIY tools, you need profesional equipment to cut it.  

Component features:

  • Suitable for use in drag/energy cable chains
  • Outer Insulation: PUR (poly urethane rubber)
  • Inner Insulation (per wire): PP
  • Highly Flexible extra-finely wired
  • Constant bending/flexing allowed
  • Shielded/Screened (tinned koper, 85% coverage)
  • Flame retardent to UL 1581 FT-2
  • Designed for 2 tot 8 million bending/unbending cycles
  • Minimum bending radius: 10 x outside diameter (moving applications)
  • Temperature range: -25 up to +80 degrees celsius


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1675-1_Flexible_Shielded_Sensor_cable_4_x_0.34mm2_Datasheet.pdf 1675-1 Flexible Shielded Sensor cable 4 x 0.34mm2 Datasheet