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Helical Rack Module 2 Q6 (High Precision) 24x24x500mm

Article number 5353
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Highest quality Rack&Pinion system we can offer. For years we have sold Q10 rack&pinion and had good results for CNC Routers that don't require high precision (+/-0.1mm). We always advised ballscrews when clients needed more accurate positioning (+/-0,01mm). The problem remains that with a ballscrew, the length of the machine that can be made is very limited. Also with ballscrews vibrations always remain a problem, when trying to achieve high feedrates. So we needed a different solution for high speed and high accuracy machines. We then found the company Gambini in Italy. This company is specialized in making gears and racks, and has all the machines and equipment to make very accurate rack and pinion systems. There are several quality classes ranging from 5 the most accurate to 10 the least accurate. The quality we offer here is 6, which for the length of 500mm is the most accurate rack available. The load bearing capacity of the rack also has to be considered. The rack we offer here is made from high quality SAE steel which also has been induction hardened, on the are where the teeth are. Afte hardening, the teeth are reground, and also the rack itself is ground all around. For this reason, the alignment is a lot easier, as there is a perfectly ground datum surface.

The type that we offer here is the helical version. The price difference with straight rack is non-existent. Helical has some advantages in terms of lower running noise. For very high speed systems its the best choice. Do consider that a helical systm because of the shape of the gear (helical), requires specials gearboxes to be used. The gearbox has to be able to cope with a axial load, not just radial. For lower speed, and lowe cost systems, we would advise to use straight and not helical racks.

Component features:

  • High Precision applications
  • High Load applications (Rack is made from better quality material and hardened)
  • Much lower rotational inertia than similar ballscrews or belt drive systems. (only inertia is gear +gearbox)
  • Shorter build times (Easy mounting due to ground datum surfaces)
  • Modular System (Possible to join multiple racks to make a very long linear system (machine for this is default), all you need is an extra mounting too

Technical Specifications:

  • Type of rack: Helical
  • Module: 2
  • Dimensions: 24x24x500mm
  • Weight: 2,01kg (per 500mm segment)
  • Quality: 6
  • Material: SAE1141
  • Helical tooth system: 19° 31' 42" Right-hand
  • Heat treatment: induction hardened teeth 56-60 HRC
  • Surface Finish: ground (all sides)
  • Tensile Strength: 800 N/mm²
  • Recommended backlash to reach perfect alignment: Q6= 0,02mm


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5353-1_Helical_Rack_Module_2_Q6_(High_Precision)_24x24x500mm_STEP214.stp 5353-1 Helical Rack Module 2 Q6 (High Precision) 24x24x500mm STEP214
5353-2_Helical_Rack_Module_2_Q6_(High_Precision)_24x24x500mm_STEP242.stp 5353-2 Helical Rack Module 2 Q6 (High Precision) 24x24x500mm STEP242
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General conditions
Quantity 4 - > 10,00 % on the retail price of 88,00 79,20
Quantity 10 - > 25,00 % on the retail price of 88,00 66,00