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HS 20 Ø 9/16“ (14.288mm) Reduction sleeve for ETP toolholders

Article number 4786
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134,99 Excluded VAT Price per piece
The reduction sleeves are designed to fit with the ETP Toolholders. They are specially suited for high precision clamping of cylindrical tool shanks per DIN 6335 form HA, HB and HE, as well as tool shanks per DIN 1835 form B, C, D and E. The special design of the reduction sleeves allows an efficient use of coolant through cutting tools.

Component features:
  • Swiss Quality Made in Switzerland to ISO9001/ISO14001
  • High runout accuracy < 3 um.
  • Clamping of different tool shank diameters. 4 standard sizes: 12, 20, 25, and 32 mm.
  • Metal-to-metal seal for cutting tools with internal coolant channels.
  • When using reduction sleeves the transmittable torque is increased.


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4786-1_HS_20_Ø_9-16inch_(14.288mm)_Reduction_sleeve_STEP214.stp 4786-1 HS 20 Ø 9-16inch (14.288mm) Reduction sleeve STEP214
4786-2_HS_20_Ø_9-16inch_(14.288mm)_Reduction_sleeve_Dimensions.pdf 4786-2 HS 20 Ø 9-16inch (14.288mm) Reduction sleeve Dimensions