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Article number 5598
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The TeknoMotor QTC is often used in Robotic Milling Projects. For Robotic milling, often long tools are required to be able to correctly reach the product/object. The problem with long tools is unbalance, which can cause damage to bearings. These ETP Pencil Routers are balanced to highest standards and have very low run-out. ETP HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL is with its extreme slim design one of the most versatile holder on the market. An extensive range of standard dimensions and lengths optimize your productivity when machining deep cavities and complex components. ETP HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL can also be made to your specific gauge line requirement, using our Special designs possibility.

Component features:

  • Runout accuracy < 0.007 mm at 2.5 x dmt
  • Balancing grade: G 2.5 at 25 000 rpm
  • Tool shank h6 or h7 can be used
  • Can be used with reducing sleeve HS12
  • For drilling to finishing
  • Pencil design enabling machining in deep cavities and complex components
  • High clamping force
  • High Quality Product Designed and made in Sweden
  • WARNING: This is an extremly long tool. Be careful, if you made a collision with such a tool. Then the chance of bearing damage is very high. Chances of personal injury are also high. Therefore, make sure that your machine / robot is completely enclosed, so that operator/staff is safe guarded from such dangers.


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5598-1_HYDRO-GRIP_PENCIL-12x150HSK40C_GL=250_STEP214.stp 5598-1 HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL-12x150HSK40C GL=250 STEP214
5598-2_HYDRO-GRIP_PENCIL-12x150HSK40C_GL=250_STEP242.stp 5598-2 HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL-12x150HSK40C GL=250 STEP242
5598-3_HYDRO-GRIP_PENCIL-12x150HSK40C_GL=250_2D_Dimensions.pdf 5598-3 HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL-12x150HSK40C GL=250 2D Dimensions
5598-4_HYDRO-GRIP_PENCIL-12x150HSK40C_GL=250_Operating_Instructions.pdf 5598-4 HYDRO-GRIP PENCIL-12x150HSK40C GL=250 Operating Instructions

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General conditions
Quantity 3 - > 5,00 % on the retail price of 1.410,00 1.339,50
Quantity 5 - > 10,00 % on the retail price of 1.410,00 1.269,00