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IGUS E-chain triflex® R Series TRCF.85.135.0

Article number 4381
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When working with Robots, cable chains are always an issue. Due to large motion range a robot can make, making proper cable guidance is essential. This type  of cable chain from IGUS, is the best we have tested so far. It comes at a price, but then again, if you are making robotic milling solution, have a system failure, due to cables getting caught behind a fixture, then price is less critical. We have seen this system work in the field. It is a very heavy duty solution that will work in most robotic milling applications. The chain has 3 seperate components, that can be openedn while the chain is mounted, allowing easy acces. Als the chain is fully closed, preventing chips from getting inside the cable chain.

List of advantages of the TRCF.85:

1. TRCF - closed design with snap lock
2. High tensile force absorption due to ball-and-socket joint{
3. For multi-axis movements - twist of approx. ± 10° per chain link in the longitudinal axis
4. Easy opening for large, rigid hoses and/or many cables
5. Easy to add and remove - one injection-moulded component
6. Abrasion-resistant and dirt-repellent
7. 3-chamber system for interior separation
8. Small bend radii, small pitch
9. Easy integration with, and accessories for your machine

When to use Series TRCF.85:

  • If a secure energy supply is required for multi-axis movements
  • If high torsion resistance is required
  • If the system must be easy to lengthen and shorten
  • If a small bend radius is required
  • If high tensile strength absorption is important
  • If a smooth and robust outer contour is required to avoid snagging
When not to use Series TRCF.85:

  • For circular movements with high loads
  • If an easy-to-fill variant is required
  • When a cost-effective, less sophisticated 3D solution is required


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4381-1_IGUS_Triflex_TRCF.85.pdf 4381-1 IGUS Triflex TRCF.85