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ISO30/SK30/BT30 Taper Spindle Wiper

Article number 4684
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EAN-number 4049844099227
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Used to clean lubricant and debris from inside the spindle to prevent slipping and poor face contact with the taper. Made with plastic and soft fiber pads for safe contact inside spindles. Recommended cleaning accessory before gauging and performing measurements inside the spindle. ISO-30 motors are much less sensitive for dust then HSK motors, but still it is a good habit, to clean the cone of the motor weekly/monthly, depending on how many hours it is used, and how much fine dust is in the area. If too much dirt/debri gets caught in the cone of a motor, the tools will have a tendency to stick, and will have trouble releasing.

Component features:

  • Tool made for cleaning the inside of ISO30 spindle motors
  • Cleaning contact surfaces, increases the accuracy, max transmitable torque, and lifetime of the taper
  • Also Compatible with SK-30
  • Also Compatible with BT-30