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M8x16 Bolt Hexagonal with anti vibration flange (Durlok®)

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M8x16 hexagon stud bolt, with special Durlok® antivibration head. Commonly used in machine building when heavy vibrations are present. Outer diameter and inner diameter = diameter locking teeth. Type Durlok has thread to under head. Durlok lock can withstand heavy vibrations, up to 300° Celsius and retain its properties after repeated use. The unique smooth ring around the teeth prevents notching and damage. Geomet 500A: layer thickness 5-8µm, chromium-6 free, salt spray test ISO 9227 > 600 hours, PTFE lubrication.

Durlok® self-locking, anti-vibration bolts are designed with long, ramp shaped, radial teeth blended evenly into a smooth slightly conical outer surface. The plain outer bearing ring prevents excessive penetration into the bearing material. Together, these aspects create only moderate edge pressure just sufficient enough to guarantee self-locking. The Durlok Bolt is suitable for multiple re-use because the serrations do not groove the clamped material and maintain locking ability. Moreover, oil or other lubricants, organic or inorganic coatings, will not adversely affect the locking ability.

Durlok® features:

  • Will not loosen or unscrew even under the most severe transverse jarring and vibration.
  • Reusability is guaranteed with locking ability maintained.
  • Unique head design ensures absence of ‘notch-effect’ after assembly.

Component features:

  • Type: m8x16
  • Material: Steel, class 12.9, Black Oxide
  • Meets or Exceeds ISO 898-1; ANSI B1.13M; ISO 261; ISO 262
  • Thread type: Metric
  • Surface treatment: Black Oxide
  • Head shape: Hex
  • Drive: Hexagon
  • Metric: M8x1.25
  • Head height: 7.2mm
  • Spanner size: 13mm
  • Thread length: 16mm
  • Packing unit for discount: 200 pieces (box)

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General conditions
Quantity 200 - > 50,00 % on the retail price of 0,99 0,50