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MayTec Profile 40x40 4E, LP (light)

Article number 1939
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14,99 Excluded VAT Price per meter
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Cutting Costs 2,00
Total price per piece 0,00

NOTE: We can supply this product to a length of 6000mm each. If the product is longer than 2500mm the price is on request because of the shipping costs.

Component features:

  • Cutting tolerance: +/- 1.0mm, more precision on request
  • Ix = 9.9
  • Iy = 9.9
  • Wx = 4.9
  • Wy = 4.9
  • Weight: 1,5kg/m


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1939_MayTec_Profile_40x40_4E,_LP.stp 1939 MayTec Profile 40x40 4E, LP
1939_MayTec_Profile_40x40_4E,_LP.dxf 1939 MayTec Profile 40x40 4E, LP