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Mennekes Wall Mounted Inlet 804 32Amps 5p 400v IP44

Article number 3294
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EAN-number 4015394216131
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We often use this wall mounted inlet on devices. It is a very good quality German made product. One of the reasons we mount it on devices, is that you never know what cable length the client needs. When you supply a device with a cable, the client will often open the device, to lengthen the cable. This is a situation we dont want, since they could damage the device by incorrect connections. When using this wall mounted inlet, and mounting it on the device. The client can use a contra plug and then make any cable length they want.

Component features:
  • IP44
  • Rated voltage 400V AC
  • Earth Position 6H
  • Connection technology: Screw Terminals
  • 32 amp 5 pole model
  • For external fixing (most often on devices/machines)


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3294_Mennekes_804_wall_mounted_inlet_32amps_5p_400V.pdf 3294 Mennekes 804 wall mounted inlet 32amps 5p 400V

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General conditions
Numbers 10 - > 20,00 % on the retail price of € 71,99 € 57,59