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MPG Handwheel for USBCNC

Article number 699
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This is one of the most handy add-ons we sell for USBCNC. The product can be used in 2 sections of the software. It was intended for use to jog the machine, when you enter the jog menu of the USBCNC software (shortkeys F12,F9,F9). You can manually move each axis of the machine, each click of the handwheel being 0,01mm. The right button, allows you to switch the axis which you are controlling. The left button allows you to zero the selected axis. This is really a great tool for zeroing the axis of the machine, you have so much better control of the machine then when you would run it via the keypad. As a second feature, when you are in the Main menu of USBCNC, (shortkey F12, F12, F12) You can use start or pause the program from the handwheel. Also when a program is running you can use the handwheel as a feedover ride. Which is also a great feature. Often upon starting a program I turn the feed down to 10%, and then slowly increase it using the handwheel, when I see the program is being executed without problems. Soon we will also have a youtube movie demonstrating how this feature works in the software.

Component features:
  • DamenCNC developed/designed product
  • Allows control of the machine in the JOG menu, Axis selection and Zeroing
  • When in the Operate TAB, allows feed over ride and pause/start of g-code program
  • Plug and play with DCNC RTR Classic and Performance set
  • Plug and play with CPU V 4.0
  • SUB-D Adapter needed for use with CPU V5.0A
  • Adapter Cable needed when using with CPU V5.0B or the CPU4&5 SensorMount
  • 5 meter long LPT cable included + parts to make it plug & play for CPU v4.0
  • Dimensions 85x145x38mm


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699_DamenCNC_Handwheel_Pendant_Manual.pdf 699 DamenCNC Handwheel Pendant Manual

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General conditions
Amount 5 - > 10,00 % on the retail price of 179,99 161,99
Amount 10 - > 20,00 % on the retail price of 179,99 143,99