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24 11 2020
DamenCNC B.V.
New in our workshop: A CNC Lathe

DamenCNC sells ballscrews from HIWIN and ISEL in all diameters, as well as the corresponding BK/FK and BF/FF bearing blocks. To mount the bearing blocks, the end of the ballscrew needs to be machined, this is a very precise job. We don't want to be dependent on third parties with increasing delivery times for this, therefore DamenCNC has invested in a new CNC lathe, a DMG-Mori CLX-450-V4-800. This is a high quality precision machine, made in Italy, by what was previously Gildemeister. With this machine it is possible to make the final machining of the ballscrews quickly and very precisely. In this way, we can supply our customers with cut-to-size and machined ballscrews at a very short notice.

On our website you can now choose from a number of standard end machinings for each ballscrew. These then correspond to the BK/FK and BF/FF bearing blocks. All fits are specifically matched to the bearing we supply, which gives the best results in practice. All spindles are checked for concentricity on our granite measuring table. 

We can deliver the ballscrews with diameters 16/20/25/32mm up to a length of 1250mm within 1 week / 2 weeks. We are working on a setup for longer lengths. The larger diameters of 40/50/63mm will have a longer delivery time, but we can also make these to size for you.

We also have an Urgent Service: With this service we will reproduce an existing spindle of a defect machine within 1-2 working days. We will charge extra costs for this service. We can only process an Urgent order, if we have the basic material in stock. This Urgent Service is only interesting if a production process is down and the costs of the downtime are higher than the costs of the Urgent Service.