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DamenCNC has expanded its range of stepper motors: we now also stock stepper motors with integrated brake. This brake is active when no power is applied and then keeps the stepper motor in position. Supplying the brake with 24VDC releases i tand allows the stepper motor to move again.
This is often used on a Z-axis of a CNC machine or 3D printer, to prevent the head from falling on the product when the machine is switched off, including an emergency stop or power failure.
Previously, our stepper motors could only be equipped with an external brake, for example by mounting a brake on the rear of a double shaft motor, or as a front mounted brake between the motor and the application. In both cases, this brake resulted in high extra costs and installation space. These disadvantages are considerably reduced with our stepper motors with integrated brake:
the additional cost of the integrated brake is much lower than the price of an external brake, and the design is much more compact.
Our stepper motors with integrated brake are closed loop stepper motors and therefore are equipped with an encoder. However, it is also possible to use these stepper motors open loop, so without feedback.
You can find the stepper motors here.