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Teknomotor, in collaboration with DamenCNC, has developed a new type of milling motor, the so-called Quick Tool Changer. This milling motor does not have the complexity (and therefore the costs) of an Automatic Tool Changer that requires many extra components, but it does have the ability to change tools very quickly. This milling motor is used in both CNC portal milling machines and CNC robot milling machines.

CADCAMstore, distributor of SprutCAM software in the Benelux and supplier of robot cells, has in collaboration with IRS Robotics, created a demo robot cell. They equipped it with a Teknomotor QTC supplied by DamenCNC and a controller for the high speed milling motor developed by DamenCNC, the VFD Control Box 380V .

Since then, DamenCNC has supplied a suitable milling motor and controller for the milling motor in various robot projects.