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Manual but quick tool changer milling motor 

Together with TeknoMotor this new motor has been developed. In the spindel nose it has a mechanical mechanism, that can pick up a HSK32-C toolholder. No air-pressure is required; this can be done with just an allen key (we advise to use a torque wrench and include it also with delivery). For years we have been selling TeknoMotor high speed milling motors with a manual tool changing system, where the milling tool is placed directly into the ER collet in the spindel nose. This is a lowcost solution, and can work fine if you don't have to do many toolchanges. Later we launched the ATC system, Automatic Tool Changer. The Automatic Toolchanger is a great system for industrial clients, but it is expensive and complex. You need many extra components like Pneumatics, and a Safety System, also the CNC controllers need to be programmed such that it can pick up and release tools in correct position. Due to all this extra cost and complexity, we see a market for a different kind of motor, which allows a quick tool change, but does not have to be automatic.