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RTR Hardware CPU/Sensor Holder

Article number 1330
Limited stock Limited stock
139,99 Excluded VAT Price per piece

This is a product that has been developed for our RTR CNC controllers. It’s a device that protects the inputs of the USBCNC CPU (4&5b) and allows sensors of almost any type to be easily connected, using industry standard m12 sensor connectors. When a short circuit is made or if an incorrect voltage is attached, only the optocoupler will be broken. And this item is mounted in an IC socket, such that it can be easily swapped. Also the price of the replacement is low, the cost of replacing the CPU would be much higher. While we were developing this board, we also integrated the inputs for our DCNC-Toolsetter and the MPG handwheel, such that these items can be connected easily. It’s all plug and play. So overall it’s a very versatile interface, its integrated in all our own CNC controllers, stepper or servo. We have been getting many requests if we would sell the item as a separate product, so that’s why we have added it online. We have copy/pasted the documentation of our RTR-CNC controller for this product, since normally its integrated. So its very well documentated how to make all the connections. The documentation is provided here online, so feel free to read it. (press more information, then scroll down to downloads &datasheets)

Component features:

  • Inputs protected using Optocouplers
  • Using Industrial Standard M12 connectors
  • Plug&Play with DCNC-Toolsetter and TouchProbe
  • Plug&Play with DCNC-MPG Handwheel
  • Compatible with USBCNC CPU V4 & V5B


Here you can find all attachments that are linked to the product. Click on the icon to download.

1330_RTR_Manual_SensorHolder.pdf 1330 RTR_Manual_SensorHolder