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RTR Relays module (Tool Flood)

Article number 1480
In Stock In Stock
99,99 Excluded VAT Price per piece

We use this module in all our RTR controllers. It has two 230V solid state relays. These relays are most often used used to switch a KRESS milling motor(Tool) and a coolant pump(Flood). The module interfaces with USBCNC CPU V4 or V5, via a ribbon cable. On the PCB there are 2 jumpers allowing you to choose which signal from USBCNC controls the relays. Options are for left contact Tool or Mist right contact Flood or AUX. The relays we used are 15 amps, so in theory could switch 3,5KW, but then relay would need to be actively cooled, we recommend to switch a maximum of 1,5KW. That is not a problem even without active cooling, and its more than enough for a KRESS milling motor or a Coolant Pump

Component features:

  • Compatible with USBCNC CPU V4 & V5B
  • Used in our RTR CNC controllers
  • Often used for On/off of KRESS (Tool) and coolant (FLOOD)