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Stripping tool - WIREFOX 4 - 1212156

Article number 4901
Limited stock Limited stock
EAN-number 4046356454421
105,99 Excluded VAT Price per piece

Stripping tool, for cables and conductors (especially for rubber and silicone insulations) from 0.1 - 4 mm², self-adjusting, stripping length of up to 18 mm, cutting capacity of up to 10 mm² stranded/1.5 mm² solid, replaceable stripping blade. The gripping pressure of blades on the cable can be set with a sliding bar on the side of the tools. This is very convienant for making adjustments depending on the cable type.

Component Features:

  • Flexible, adjustable limit stop for the stripping length
  • WIREFOX stripping pliers feature an automatic adjustment mechanism for a wide range of different types of insulation and conductor diameters
  • Practical integrated wire cutter
    • V-blade for stripping has excellent grip on cable
    • V-grip force is adjustable with slider
    • V-blade is replaceable


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    4901-2_Stripping_tool_-_WIREFOX_4_-_1212156.pdf 4901-2 Stripping tool - WIREFOX 4 - 1212156