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TC62 Workpiece Touch Probe + Toolholder HSK-F63

Article number 5038
Blum Novotest
Limited stock Limited stock
5.199,99 Excluding VAT Price per set
Compatible Products

Universal touch probe for extremely fast measurements under the harshest conditions in medium and small machining centres. Workpiece measurement with superior precision and speed due to modern, multi directional measuring mechanism with optoelectronic switch signal generation. The type we offer here is always with BRC radio communication, meaning you can place the probe in the tool carousel/rack, and pick it up like any regular tool. We include also the toolholder for Example ISO30-40-50 or HSK 63 etc. The reason we do this, is to guarantee perfect alignment of the system. 

The advantage of a radio vs infrared transmission, is that you do not have to have a line of sight. So if you have a 5 axis machine or a robot, the probe does not always have a line of sight with receiver. With IR this is a problem. With radio this is no issue at all.

Component features:

  • Perfect for 5 axis machines where line of sight between probe and receiver is blocked or intermittent
  • Reliable measuring under the most adverse conditions
  • Repeatability 0,3um
  • Maximum probing speed 2000mm/min (2m/min) (78inch/min)
  • Degree of protection: IP68
  • Approach directions: +/-X, +/-Y, -Z
  • Exchangable measuring stylus (spare part number 5037)
  • Extremly robust
  • Very Low Measuring Force (LF model)
  • Measuring Force in XY 0.65 N (LF)
  • Measuring Force in Z 1.6 N (LF)
  • Maximum Deflection in XY +/-11°
  • Maximum deflection in Z 6 mm
  • Signal transmission: Radio (BRC technology)
  • Frequency band 2.4000 ... 2.435 Ghz
  • Transmission power: 0dBm
  • Operating range: 15 meters
  • Use up to 6 measuring systems with 1 receiver
  • Including Radio Receiver RC66
  • Including 30degree adapter for receiver RC66
  • Including Interface IF59
  • Including Toolholder (please specify in order which interface you have)
  • Not Including Measuring Cycles for in CNC Controller
  • Optional: Radio version of Z-nano Toolsetter
  • Optional: Radio version of ZX-Speed Toolsetter


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5038-1_Blum_Novotest_TC62_Brochure_English.pdf 5038-1 Blum Novotest TC62 Brochure English
5038-2_Blum_Novotest_RC66_Brochure_English.pdf 5038-2 Blum Novotest RC66 Brochure English
Spare Stylus for TC52/TC62 (143777)
Spare Stylus for TC52/TC62 (143777)

Spare Stylus for TC52/TC62 (143777)

Article number5037
Blum Novotest
In Stock In Stock
114,99 Excluding VAT Price per piece
Z-NANO RC Toolsetter (Including cleaning nozzle)
Z-NANO RC Toolsetter (Including cleaning nozzle)

Z-NANO RC Toolsetter (Including cleaning nozzle)

Article number5039
Blum Novotest
Not in stock Not in stock
3.099,99 Excluding VAT Price per piece