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TeknoMotor MountingPlate for 40x160L profile

Article number 899
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This mounting plate can be used to mount a Teknomotor easily to a machine. We use it specifically for the 40x160L aluminium profile. But it can also be used in othe situations. Its been designed to fit the C31/40, C41/47 and C51/60 models.

Component features:
  • Designed for use on the aluminum 40x160 profile
  • Dimensions 200x150x15mm
  • Compatible with Teknomotors C31/40 series
  • Compatible with Teknomotors C41/47 series
  • Compatible with Teknomotors C51/60 series
  • Compatible with Kress Mounting Block (1068)


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899_TeknoPlateDims.pdf 899 TeknoPlateDims
899_TeknoMotor_mounting_plate.stp 899 TeknoMotor mounting plate