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Teknomotor Pneumatic Cooling Kit for ATC

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When using the TeknoMotor ATC71, in Robotic Milling project we always advise to convert them to Pneumatic cooling system. This set replaces the electronic fan that is normally on the back of the TeknoMotor ATC71. We have a lot of experience with robotic milling projects. We have seen that the normally electronic fan is not suitable for taking the higher loads associated with rapid movements of the robot, they cause a gyroscopic force on the fans, which means they break much sooner due to fatigue. Of course the motor has an integrated PTC/Thermal switch that can prevent further damage when overheated (if connected). But it is never good for a motor to overheat, and it also means your robotic milling system goes into error. For this reason if you are doing Robotic milling we always advise to use this Pneumatic motor cooler. When doing 5 axis CNC milling with rapid rotational movement, it is also a good idea to implement this pneumatic cooling solutions.

Component features:

  • Suitable for all TeknoMotor ATC71, milling motors
  • We would always advise to use this kit in Robotic-Milling or 5 axis milling 
  • The Retrofit is an easy job (less than 10minutes work)
  • Set the air pressure between 1-2 bars of overpressure, depending on how much cooling is required
  • With air pressure to about 1 bars of overpressure
  • The flow rate is then about 5,3 m³/hour
  • With air pressure to about 2 bars of overpressure
  • The flow rate is then about 10,5 m³/hour
  • The air consumption is not that bad, only a limited amount of air is injected, due to the venturi effect, much more flow goes through the motor