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Trapezium Leadscrew TR12x3 Leadscrew C45

Article number 220
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12,99 Excluded VAT Price per meter
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CuttingCosts 3,00
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We used to use this type of trapezium thread in many of our own CNC projects. That's why we have it available from stock. Since we started selling ballscrews we use mainly those in our own CNC projects. A trapezium thread is a cheap solution, but quality wise not the best solution. This trapezium thread has an excellent price/quality ratio. When using our Delrin anti backlash nuts it's possible to reduce the backlash to almost zero. Do keep in mind, that delrin nuts will wear, and then need to be readjusted. The best solution to really work backlash free is using a ballscrew, but it's also much more expensive. For project where just an adjustment has to be made, and it's not continuously used, trapezium thread is a good solution. Sometimes even better than a ballscrew. We put a lot of effort into shipping our trapezium thread and also ballscrews. We have sturdy cardboad boxes that we use for shipping. In the past when we ordered these in lower quantities from a different suppliers, we had many problems with the trapezium thread not being straight. Nowadays, the trapezium thread we supply is very straight. We order it in big quantities, and it is then shipped in wooden crates to keep it straight. When we compare it to our old suppliers where 2-3CM deviation on a meter was normal, the way we supply it is perfect. But even then 1mm deviation over 1000mm is quite normal. Take this into account when ordering. Sometimes it will be really perfect, then next time it could have 1mm deviation. This is within the specs of what can be expected. But it can de dissapointing when you are trying to make a perfect CNC system. There are ways to correct this. On youtube you can find movies on how to straighten/align a ballscrew or trapezium thread spindel. In our webshop, if you choose for a ISEL 16 or 25mm ballscrew it will always be more straight than the trapezium thread. In general for CNC application when you are running long programs we advise to use ballscrews.


NOTE: We can supply this product to a length of 3000mm each. If the product is longer than 2500mm the price is on request because of the shipping costs.

Component features:

  • Guaranteed straight leadscrew
  • Cut to any size
  • Cutting tolerance: +/- 1.0mm
  • Quality rolled leadscrew
  • Custom end machining possible
  • Tolerance 7e
  • Right Hand Thread


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220_TrapeziumThread.pdf 220 TrapeziumThread