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W3501000100 VME1-01 3/2 NC Axial fittings Ø 4

Article number 4369
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EAN-number 8024986016505
18,99 Excluded VAT Price per piece
Compatible Products

Mini Valve NC hand operated. Most often used on 22mm panel buttons, mounted on the back. This allows you to make a pneumatic signal instead of an electrics signal. Combining this signal with bigger 3/2 5/2 valves, that are pneumatically operated, allows you to make a 100% pneumatic system. In some applications this is a nice feature. We sell all these components with 4mm fittings. This is compatible with the logic elements that also have a 4mm connection. Using this button in combination with LOGIC elements allows you to make even more advanced features. For example a 2 hand operated system, or having a set of pneumatic cylinders work in a certain sequence order. Its amazing what is possible just with pneumatics.


  • WARNING: Meaning of NO and NC in pneumatics is reverse to that of Electronics
  • We offer here NC (normally closed) no air goes through until button is pushed
  • Mini 3/2 Valve hand operated
  • Metalwork part nr W3501000100
  • Installation in any position
  • Push in fittings for Ø4mm hose
  • Low actuation force
  • Rapid, accurate signal
  • Mechanical actuation
  • Using the Plastic Adapter, it is possible to mount 2 or more of these buttons on the same panel actuator
  • By combining this NO valve with another NO or NC valves its possible to make 3/2 5/2 5/3 open centre, and 5/3 pressure centre pneumatic functions
  • Using the Plastic Adapter this type of button can be added to different 22mm panel interface buttons. (Push, Push-Lock, Key, joystick etc)
0351000050 Adaptor VME1+MAV BRE
0351000050 Adaptor VME1+MAV BRE

0351000050 Adaptor VME1+MAV BRE

Article number4368
In Stock In Stock
1,99 Excluded VAT Price per piece