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WormGearbox V40 i 1:40 Normal Backlash

Article number 2257
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When using a rack and pinion system or a very high pitch ballscrew, sometimes you need a gear reduction with a higher ratio then you can easily achieve with a belt reduction. A worm gearbox can then be a good solution. For example our AC servo system can do 3000 RPM, if using a module 2 rack and pinion system and a 10 tooth gear one rotation of the wheel will already give 75mm movement. 75x3000 rpm gives a maximum speed of 225000 mm/min. Which is really too fast for any machine, a 1:20 reduction will give a better 11250mm/min. Do take into account that the bigger the gear reduction the less efficient they are.

Component features:

  • Compact Worm Gearbox
  • CleanLine for applications where there are liquids
  • Optional Flanges for direct mount of Stepper or Servo motor
  • Available in reduced backlash version for Servo/stepper applications
  • Often used to make a simple 4th axis for a CNC mill
  • 8 arcmin or less on reduced backlash models (no load conditions)
  • 8 arcmin or more on normal backlash models
  • Keep in mind that under load, you also have a deviation, this is not backlash but stifness!
  • If you are building an A B or C axis where you need also very high stiffness, check out our hollow shaft reducers


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2257_Ghirri_MV.pdf 2257 Ghirri MV
2257_V40.pdf 2257 V40
2257_V40_Shaft_D=19mm_Ltotaal=147mm_+Keyway__D=10mm_L=65mm.pdf 2257 V40_Shaft D=19mm Ltotaal=147mm +Keyway D=10mm L=65mm
2257_V40.stp 2257 V40