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CENTRO Precision Centering Device (80.300.00.FHN)

Artikelnummer 3948
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EAN-nummer 4034221006738
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The Haimer CENTRO easily and precisely centers milling machine spindles over holes, bores, shafts and circular bosses. Clamp the CENTRO into a tool holder and insert into the spindle of the milling machine. Position the machine spindle near the bore or shaft to be measured and rotate at low speed so that the probe tip of the CENTRO slides along the inside or outside surface of the diameter. Initially, the probe tip will be deflected and the amount of deflection is registered on the large dial. The stationary dial face does not turn with the spindle and therefore can always be seen by the operator. The position of the spindle can then easily be adjusted until the hands of the dial indicator stop moving. This indicates that the spindle axis is now perfectly aligned with the diameter center.

Component eigenschappen:

  • Made in Germany
  • Metric Display Dial
  • Nominal measuring accuracy: 0.003mm / 0.0001"
  • 16mm shaft diameter.
  • Max Rotation Speed: 150 RPM
  • Replaceable Probe Tips; includes straight tip with 5mm ball (bent tip available for larger diameters, 2mm straight tip also available)
  • Measure IDs from 3-125mm (0.1"-5")
  • Measure ODs from 0-125mm (0-5")
  • Check the axial run-out of the work piece to the spindle
  • Compensation of the run-out errors of the spindle and tool holder >> No adjustment necessary
  • Even in bigger distance the unusual size of the dial gauge is helpful to finish the job
  • Replaceable probes
  • Please take note: The given measuring precision of 0.01 mm only applies, if the original HAIMER probe tips are used.
  • Included in delivery: Centro with clamping shank Ø 16 mm, straight probe tip Ø 5 mm
  • Technical data subject to change without prior notice.
  • HAIMER Part Number 80.300.00.FHN


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3948_Haimer_Centro_Precision_Centering_Device.pdf 3948 Haimer Centro Precision Centering Device
Probe tip bent for CENTRO 5mm (80.302.00)
Probe tip bent for CENTRO 5mm (80.302.00)
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