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DIY Pneumatic Package for Pressurized TeknoMotor

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A set of parts which are required for making a proper air circuit for the TeknoMotor QTC or other pressurized motors.
Starting with the shut-off valve. This valve can be wired into the 24VDC powersupply of your CNC or Robot controller or an output on the IO card. The valve then automaticly shuts off flow to the TeknoMotor when the system is shut down. On power on the air supply is turned on automaticly. This prevents you from having to open/close valves which is easy to forget.

The next item in the SYNTESI module, is a pressure regulator combined with a 20um filter. With this module the required pressure can be set. It depends a bit on how long the hoses are for what is the best pressure. Somewhere in range of 2-4 bars is normal, more pressure with longer hoses. The filtering of 20um will take out big particles. It will take out some moisture but not all. It is very important to always use dry-air. If this is ignored water can get into bearings, and cause damage to the motor.

The next steps in the SYNTESI are 2 more filters which have 5um and 0,1um particle size. These will filter out smaller impurities. The impurities collect in the cups below the filters. When the air pressure is dropped down to zero, they automaticly clean themselves. So basicly this happens every day when you power on/off. It will make some noise, this is normal (you can hear this on shut down).

The final step in the SYNTESI module is a pressure sensor and manometer. Here you can read the pressure after all the filtering. The pressure sensor can be adjusted to the desired value, and this depends on how much pressure you have set. Let's say if you have set pressure to 4 bars, then set the sensor to a lower value, 2,5 or 4 bars. This allows for some variance in air pressure. It is important that the motor has airflow all the time, but not much flow is required to keep dirt/chips out of the bearings. We include also the connector + 10 meters of cable to wire this sensor into the Input card of CNC or Robot controller. The sensor has a NC and NO output, so it can be wired to your preference. We advise to have a closed contact, when pressure is at safe level. In that case removing the cable will also be seen by the CNC controller, as the signal will go from high to low.

We also include the pneumatic hose that is suitable for in cable chains, and that is chemical resistant. We include several extra fittings/conversions that come in handy on many robots, that have already some existing air hoses/connections inside them. With the included fittings, you can re-use those on the robot.

The final item we include is a flow regulator, that is mounted on the nose/front of the spindel motor. Here you can adjust with a small screw driver, the amount of flow to the labyrinth seal.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Set of components required to make proper air circuit for QTC or PR type motors
  • Scope of delivery
  • Shut-OFF valve,including 24VDC coil and cable (Point 1 in diagram)
  • Pressure regulator and 20um filter (Point 2 in diagram)
  • Compressed air filtering 5um (point 3 in diagram)
  • Compressed air filtering 0.1um (point 4 in diagram)
  • Pressure Switch adjustable(point 5 in diagram)
  • Flow regulator for mounting on the motor (point 6 in diagram)
  • Including all required electronics coils&cables (10meter lengths)
  • Including 10meters of 8x5,5mm hose (PU chemical resistant)
  • Including 2meters of 4x2,5mm hose (PU chemical resistant)
  • Including all required couplers cables nuts bolts etc
  • Available as DIY(Do it Yourself) or RTR(Ready to Run) version
  • WARNING: This unit needs to be supplied with dry-air! Ignoring this comment can cause bearing damage!