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Haase Square Flange Housing

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This product is very similar to the ISEL Square Flange Housing. Haase uses this type of housing in their machines. They have made some small change to the ISEL design, which make it easier to mount. The ISEL flange is only drilled, so mounting can only be done with bolts that go through the housing. The Haase version also has thread tapped in the holes, so it can also be mounted from the other side using bolts. The design only works with ISEL Variant 3 ballnuts, which are not included.

Component eigenschappen:

  • CNC milled in Aluminium
  • Holes have thread instead of only drilled (ISEL)
  • Can be mounted like ISEL with bolts through it, or using the integrated thread
  • Compatible with ISEL Variant 3 ballnut