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HSK63F OZ25 462E Toolholder for ATC

Artikelnummer 3910
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This type of toolholder has the OZ25 462E type of collet system. Most often we use ER collet system with our Milling motors, its affordable and has a good price/quality ratio. This OZ25 462E system is more precise than the ER system, and we recommend to use this, when you have long tools. Often used in robotic milling for example. Its more expensive than the ER system, but if you have long tooling, its required, otherwise you will have vibration issues with the ER system. If you have the budget there is one system that is even better. This is the hydraulic crimp system from ETP. Its about twice as expensive as the 462E system.

Component eigenschappen:
  • HSK 63F cone that fits the TeknoMotor ATC
  • Collet Chuck HSK63F 2-25mm to suit 462E Collets
  • The OZ25 462E collet system is more precise than the ER collet system and can take a higher load/torque
  • The OZ25 is better in terms of run-out and precision then the ER system, there is only one better system, and that is crimp or hydrocrimp tooling, also about twice as expensive
  • lock nut with sleeve bearing
  • Tech Details/Dimensions
  • Ø d1 = Adapter size on the tool side 2-25 [mm]
  • Ø d = Adapter size on the machine side HSK 63F [mm]
  • Ø D 60 [mm]
  • Norm number DIN 69893
  • L1 = Total length 101 [mm]
  • a 76 [mm]
  • x 18 [mm]
  • Machine/Type Homag, IMA from 01/95, Weeke from 03/98, HOLZ-HER, SCM, CMS (12+15 KW)
  • included in delivery: collet chuck, clamping nut without spanner wrench