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Measuring Relay 3 phase presence/sequence with N

Artikelnummer 4466
Goed op voorraad Goed op voorraad
EAN-nummer 2050004900347
43,99 exclusief btw Prijs per stuk

Measuring relays used to detect if all 3 phases are present. It also checks if the phases are connected in the correct order, to make a right hand field. This relay can be used to automaticly switch off systems, that are sensitive for rotating in wrong direction, or sensitive for missing 1phase.

Component Eigenschappen:

  • Made in Germany
  • Shows presence of L1 L2 L3 using LEDS
  • Shows correct sequence using LEDS (incorrect line will blink)
  • Relais output (correct/incorrect sequence)
  • This version has also the N (neutral included, there is a different version that does not have the neutral)
  • Measurement is made between phases L1/L2/L3 and zero, if you all three are present and above 170vAC, and the field is a right hand field, then the relay is activated. This status is indicated by all three red leds


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4466-1_Measuring_Relay_ZDPN_Manual.pdf 4466-1 Measuring Relay 3 phase presencesequence with N