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Pneumatic Clamping Element MKS3001A(Not in stock)

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Pneumatic Clamping Element which is compatible with the HIWIN HGR series rails and carriages. The brake is spring loaded. Which means pneumatics need to be added/present to release the brake. This is normally done with a 5/2 Valve. This MKS type is made to hold a carriage in place, it is not suitable for active braking. In case you need this type, consult us for more information. There are models which are suitable for active braking.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Leadtime 1-2 weeks
  • Energize to open (NC) through spring-loaded energy storage
  • high durability Up to 5 million static clamping cycles
  • Safety element Safe clamping in case of energy failure
  • Broad range of products For all HIWIN rail guides


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3277_Zimmer_MK_MKS_MKR_MKRS_Clamping_elements_Installation_and_Operating_Instructions.pdf 3277 Zimmer MK MKS MKR MKRS Clamping elements Installation and Operating Instructions