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Straight Rack Module 2 Q10 with mounting holes (price/meter)

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44,99 exclusief btw Prijs per meter
Rack Module 2 that has already mounting holes machined in the side face. The pitch between the mounting holes is 120mm. The lengths we have in stock are about 2000mm, the exact length is 2004mm. This is the number of Teeth(319) multiplied by the module (2) multiplied by Pi (3,14etc), gives a result of 2004,336mm. In reality its cut a little bit shorter to 2004, this allows a small gap required for continous linking. In the webshop, you can also choose to order a different length, we then cut it to size for you.

Component eigenschappen:
  • Module 2 rack
  • Including mounting holes (spacing 120mm pitch)
  • C 45 KG steel
  • Pressure angle 20º
  • The real length is roughly one multiple of the pitch.
  • All gear racks from Module 2, except for nominal length 500 mm, are cut of for continuous linking. The teeth of the gear racks are not cut to join edge-to-edge, which leads to minor gaps when mounting. These gaps do, however, not cause any problems for the gears rolling across.
  • Quality 8d25 DIN 3962, 3967
  • WARNING: Q10 Quality allows +/- 0,063mm single pitch deviation
  • WARNING: Q10 Quality allows +/- 0,220 mm total pitch deviation over 2000mm
  • WARNING: Q10 Quality allows -0,160mm tolerance on teeth height
  • Weight for a full length of 2004mm is 5,54KG
  • If you need a higher accuracy look into our Q7 quality Helical Racks
  • Cutting tolerance: +/- 2.0mm


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