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Haase AL1290 Profi-DamenCNC

Article number2219
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There are many low cost CNC machines on the market. But most are low cost since inferior materials are used, or have unstable designs. We have been getting requests for years for a good relatively low cost machine. We have made the DCNC-Router also for this application as well. The problem is that it is a DIY kit, and the price of the kits is just as high as this complete machine from HAASE. For that reason we started working together with Team HAASE, they make a great compact CNC machine. The price/quality factor is very good. At first I did not understand how they could deliver such a good machine for such a low price. But I have been to the factory to see for myself how it is made. Now I understand how it is done. It is a clever design coupled to bigger sales volumes allowing this. The HAASE machine is made using the same components we sell, so ISEL Ballscrews, round guide shafts,nema 23 steppers etc. This is a reason we sell the HAASE,and not other lowcost CNC, if any maintenance needs to be done, we have all the parts in stock, so can provide good service to our customers.

Component features:

  • Leadtime (1-7) weeks (we have limited stock)
  • Torsionally stiff, powder-coated aluminum frame
  • X axis has a box cross section for enormous torsion rigidity
  • Ballscrews on all axes
  • All ballscrews outside the work area -> perfect protection against dirt
  • Guide rollers on X-and Y-axis (all 4 wheels with 2 ball bearings per slide
  • Prismatic guide on Z-axis
  • High quality control panel
  • Cabling in energy chains
  • Adjustable machine feet
  • Large clearance height and height-adjustable Milling Motor (ideal for long milling cutter in 3D)
  • Spindle switched on / off by software (RTR Classic+) + KRESS
  • Spindle RPM control possible with RTR Performance + TeknoMotor
  • Standard 43mm adapter for KRESS included (KRESS motor not included)
  • Optional Mounting plate for TeknoMotor
  • Changes DamenCNC relative to normale Haase
  • A lot of extra preparations in terms of cables which makes it easier/cheaper in a later stage to upgrade the machine
  • Steppermotor also on 2ND ballscrew (dual drive Frame(X)-axis)
  • Extra 4 wire cable on Zaxis for TeknoMotor or tangential knive
  • Wide Cable Chains
  • 2 airhoses integrated in the cable chain for coolant upgrade (saves a lot of time)
  • Plug on Z-axis for on/of control of Kress


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2219 Haase CNC router AL1290 drawing
2219 AL1290 Profi-DamenCNC