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DIY Pneumatic Package for TeknoMotor ATC

Article number2369
490,00 Excluding VAT
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A set of parts which are required for making a proper air circuit for the TeknoMotor ATC.

Component features:
  • Set of components required to make proper air circuit for ATC
  • Scope of delivery
  • Compressed air filtering 5um (point 5 in diagram)
  • Compressed air filtering 0.1um (point 6 in diagram)
  • Pressure regulator (point 7 in diagram)
  • Pressure Switch Preset to correct pressure point(point 8 in diagram)
  • 5/2 Monostable solenoid valve(tamper proof), including connector coil etc (point 9 in diagram)
  • Including 10meters of 10x8mm hose
  • Including all required couplers cables nuts bolts etc
  • Available as DIY(Do it Yourself) or RTR(Ready to Run) version