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HSK Cleaner and Lubricant Lusin Lub PM1001 400ml

Article number4304
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We advise to use this Lubricant for maintenance of ATC and QTC motors with HSK system. Lusin® Lub PM 1001 is used as lubricant for screw connections subject to high temperatures and pressures, e.g. screws of injection moulding machines or dies in extrusion. It can also be used as seizure preventing heat conductive assembly paste for all kind of applications.

Component features:
  • We advise to use this cleaner/lubricant with ATC-HSK and QTC-HSK systems
  • Non-soiling lubricants that keep moving parts running smoothly and prevent damage due to breakage and seizing.
  • Resistant to high pressure
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Thermally conductive
  • Prevents seizure
  • High Temperature Paste with Synthetic Base Oil
  • Service temperature range : -30ºC - +1000ºC (dry lubrication from 200ºC onwards)
  • Prevents seizure
  • Solid lubricant for thin film lubrication with long term effectiveness for low sliding and rolling speeds.

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Algemene condities
Amount 5 - > 20,00 % on the retail price of € 19,99 € 15,99